• 1.1.0

    • added separation between ServerQuery and ClientQuery
  • 2.0.0

    • added Support for the TS3 Client Query API

    • renamed TS3Connection to TS3ServerConnection

    • added TS3ClientConnection

    • renamed TS3Commands to TS3ServerCommands

    • added TS3ClientCommands

    • added properties parameter to TS3Connection.send()

  • 1.0.7

    fix for issue #49: provided by @LouisChrist

  • 1.0.4

  • 1.0.0

    All threads have been removed and the event handling has been reworked. Please take a look at the examples and the GitHub README for the new event queue.

    • removed TS3ResponseRecvError

      Use the TS3TimeoutError and TS3RecvError exceptions now.

    • added TS3TimeoutError exception

    • added TS3RecvError exception

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.keepalive()

      This method has been removed, because of the bad use of threads. You are now responsible to sent the keepalive message by calling TS3BaseConnection.send_keepalive() at least once in 10 minutes.

    • added TS3BaseConnection.send_keepalive()

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.on_event()

      use the new TS3BaseConnection.wait_for_event() now.

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.wait_for_resp()

      This method is an inplementation detail.

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.stop_recv()

      This method is no longer needed.

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.recv_in_thread()

      This method is no longer needed.

    • removed TS3BaseConnection.last_resp